In recent years, the research field of Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) has appeared. It deals with the benefits that are brought to people in lesser developed countries by access to ICTs, like easier access to information and easier communication. The concept has found many supporters, and several new internet platforms dealing with various aspects of ICT4D have appeared. The platforms serve many people but operate relatively independent from each other and other useful services. Linking these platforms and services together would release a substantial added value. Web 2.0 now provides the opportunity of mashups ­ to combine relevant information and user generated content with tools which enable distribution through various ways. In this article, based on a prototype, the benefits of mashups in the context of ICT4D are put forward. Through the combination of manifold services, new qualities appear and the accessibility of vital services is increased. For the purpose of the prototype presented, the data of a typical e­marketplace is simulated. The relevant data is made accessible in a visual and audible way, therefore the prototype gives people with limited access to computers and illiterate people the opportunity to utilize e­marketplaces and so benefit from them. It is shown how the combination of existing services render simple, inexpensive and highly efficient solutions for everyday problems possible.