This study extends the Technological culturation (TC) model proposed by Straub et al. by examining the influences of two additional constructs - accessibility of technology (AT) and perceived socio-economic prospects (PSEP) - on the usage (U) of information and communications technologies (ICTs). Research question was: In addition to technological culturation, do “accessibility of ICTs” and “individuals’ perceptions of the socio-economic prospects” influence the usage of ICTs? The instrument measured the extent to which respondents are influenced by advanced technology cultures, accessibility to ICTs, and their perceptions of the long-term socio-economic outlook of their country. It also allowed them to rank their usage of ICTs. Using partial least squares (PLS), the research model tested the impacts of AT on TC and, and TC, AT, PSEP on ICT usage. Findings show strong supports for all tested links. Inferences from these findings and their implications on research and practice are also provided.