Doxing, a form of adversarial online behavior, is the intentional release of an individual’s personal information with malicious intent. It is increasingly used to threaten, punish, or silence individuals who participate in online communities. Such Doxees often experience extreme and intertwined cyberharassment and physical threats, transforming how they participate in both cyber and physical communities. While prior research has examined the underlying motives of the Doxer, the Doxee’s perspective has remained largely unexplored. Drawing on data about 14 individuals who have experienced Doxing, we examine the consequences of Doxing from the Doxee’s point of view. Employing the lens of approach and avoidance coping, we describe how Doxees respond to a Doxing threat and change their behavior. Our research contributes novel insight and themes related to Doxing. Based on our analysis, we offer an agenda for research and practice to pave the way for exploring Doxing and its remedies.