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Nowadays, digital environments are getting a more important role than ever in shaping the way in which enterprise operations are conducted and enterprises are being developed. Traditional information systems (IS) used by enterprises need to evolve in order to accommodate the shift of their role from representation to mediation, role that has been recently conceptualized but not sufficiently researched to identify means that enable its operationalization across domains and purposes. This work identifies what are the key enablers and how should these be applied regardless of the domain of interest. For this, our paper showcases the development of a new enterprise system that serves as a proof-of concept artifact that operationalizes the before mentioned new role of the IS. Our proposal relies on Conceptual Modelling together with all the other related enablers like Digital Twins, metamodeling platforms or model-driven operation. In this way, we want to highlight the benefits of Conceptual Modelling in providing a new abstractization layer between the digital and the physical worlds, supporting roundtrip engineering capabilities. Our example concerns the modern organization that continuously aims to become more innovative and gain competitive advantage therefore, it employs smart devices like drones in different business operations.