Subscription-based crowdfunding is an emerging type of crowdfunding that is characterized by enabling regular payments from supporters to creators and a creator-centric rather than one-time project focus. To create a successful subscription-based crowdfunding outcome creators can utilize managerial levers e.g., information control and relational labor. However, thus far, little is known about how creators employ the managerial levers at their disposal and the strategic considerations behind their use. To holistically capture the utilized managerial levers and strategic considerations, we conducted semi-structured interviews with 22 creators on the popular subscription-based crowdfunding platform Patreon. Our findings highlight four key managerial levers of subscription-based crowdfunding creators: information control strategies, supporter interaction strategies, supporter acquisition strategies, and supporter retention strategies. We contribute to IS literature by enabling further exploration of creators’ thought processes in managing their subscription-based crowdfunding campaigns.