There is an ongoing debate in information systems (IS) about the different research paradigms between IS research communities (ISRCs) of different continents. The Anglo-American ISRC tends to be more behaviorist whereas the European ISRC tends to be more constructivist. This results in marked disparities in use of research methodologies. Especially in empirical methods, the European ISRC seems to be not broadly enough positioned. However, empirical methods play a significant role when it comes to publications in high-ranking IS journals and are thus of particular importance. This study examines how the use of empirical methods in the European ISRC developed between 2010 and 2020 based on the German-speaking ISRC and to what extent this differs from the international ISRC. In this study, we conducted a literature analysis of journal articles of the German-speaking ISRC. We manually classified the used methodology and descriptively analyzed the results.