Electric vehicles (EVs) are considered a product rather than a mobility service. The expansion of EV services requires unlimited personal information. Due to privacy concerns, EV users may deactivate these services, leading to the discontinuance of EV services and value destruction. Service dominant logic is improving insight into the roles of resources (e.g., personal data) and institutions (e.g., concerns) in influencing individual behaviours in value co-creation (e.g., disclosing personal data). This logic is a metaperspective that needs to be integrated with mid-range theories (e.g., the enhanced antecedents–privacy concerns–outcomes) to investigate how resources, institutions and value co-creation are integrated and how to quantify this integration. This study conducted an online survey of EV users. The findings show that privacy awareness, environmental concerns and privacy concerns influence privacy calculus, but perceived environmental performance has more influence than privacy risks on intentions to continue disclosing personal data for EV services.