Before the COVID-19 pandemic, studying at German universities was traditionally dominated by in-class activities. During the pandemic, technical and organizational foundations were laid not only for teaching but also for exams. With the resumption of in-class events, the question is to what extent online exams will also be used in the future. Here, examiners and educational institutions can learn from the experience during the pandemic to increase the students’ intention to participate in online exams in the future. To identify the problems encountered and derive lessons from them, a mixed-method approach was followed. For this purpose, 478 examinees were surveyed over 3 semesters using a quantitative questionnaire, followed by in-depth semi-structured follow-up interviews with 11 students. As a result, 5 recommendations for action could be derived, covering the topics of exam routine and familiarity, problem-solving, cheating, and teaching-examination arrangements.