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IS resumption describes ex-users’ returning to an information system (IS) after quitting it beforehand. IS research has conceptualized, operationalized, and defined this behavior and explained some initial causes, such as nonuse-related dissatisfaction, that lead ex-users to IS resumption. We aim to complement that understanding by discussing the influence of three theoretical perspectives: reasoned action, experiential responses, and habitual responses. We use those perspectives to develop hypotheses and offer a comprehensive understanding of causes leading to IS resumption intention. We chose a quantitative approach to evaluate our research model, conducting an online survey with 190 ex-users of video-on-demand services (VoD). Our findings show that subjective norm and attitude influence IS resumption intention, while higher satisfaction with prior usage influences ex-users’ attitude. We contribute to IS research by carving out how the three theoretical perspectives influence ex-users’ IS resumption intention, providing a solid theoretical basis for future studies on IS resumption.