Business Process Management (BPM) and Digital Innovation (DI) are at the forefront of understanding and shaping organizational change in the digital age. Yet BPM still struggles to fully embrace an opportunity-driven mindset while DI is rarely institutionalized as a structured process. To overcome challenges, combining efforts of both communities promises great benefits. Hence, we take a capability perspective on the intersection of BPM and DI, and conduct two structured literature reviews. As a result, we derive and substantiate empowering effects of BPM and DI capabilities on Digital Process Innovation and the DI Process. Our study contributes to the descriptive and explanatory knowledge on BPM and DI, answering calls to advance research at their intersection. Our findings provide a basis for further theorizing and insights on how existing knowledge on BPM and DI can inform research at their intersection. Practitioners can use our results to synergize their BPM and DI capabilities.