Michael Lane, University of Southern Queensland
Mark Toleman, University of Southern Queensland
Joe Peppard, University College Dublin
Jocelyn Cranefield, Victoria University Wellington


This research will identify different organising archetypes that can be implemented by organisations to achieve success with digital technologies. Our design of these organising archetypes will be based on empirical evidence and informed by archetype, resource based and contingency theories. A participatory approach of interviews, case studies and a community of practice will reveal defining design criteria, and specify the context which each archetype best applies. The outcome will be a set of organising archetypes for success with digital technologies, a diagnostic tool, an implementation roadmap, and best practice case studies. This will provide a comprehensive and structured way for organisations to examine their existing organising model and then to reimagine and/or reconfigure themselves in new and emerging digital eco-systems. The ‘playbook’ will provide a roadmap and blueprint to guide organisations in their digital transformation on choosing, designing and implementing the most appropriate organizing archetype for success with digital technologies.