Mixed reality (MR) devices such as HoloLens are expressed as one of the future technology for working environments in Metaverse. However, it is still being determined how such technology can contribute to the Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI&A) context. In this study, following the problem-awareness step of a design science research (DSR) project, we conducted a preliminary user study on MR dashboards applied to the context of BI&A. To reach this goal, we first designed and developed HoloDash, an MR-based system that provides 2D, Cube, and 3D versions of dashboards. Later, we conducted a semi-structured interview, and ten BI&A users shared their opinions about the challenges and opportunities of using MR dashboards in BI&A based on HoloDash. Finally, we aggregated findings and identified nine requirements and three design principles that can serve as the basis for creating future effective MR-based dashboards by practitioners and researchers.