Digitization is already changing Europe and the whole world. Whether or not we can leverage its opportunities to foster prosperity, human well-being, and sustainability depends on the strategic decisions taken today. Will the countries work together to embrace these opportunities, or will they let this chance pass? Overcoming historical divides and acting solidarity united in a prosperous Europe is the only way. As digital frontrunners, the IS researchers have a key role to play and the responsibility to act as an engine to make the digital transition happen at a sufficiently fast pace for Europe to remain competitive in a rapidly digitizing world. Digitization in united societies is about bringing people together, having a better life and a bright future. Together we can build societies collectively inclusive, innovative, and able to adapt to the massive societal challenges of the 21st century.

ECIS 2022 will bring together information systems (IS) researchers in East and West, being only the second time in Eastern Europe after Gdańsk, Poland, in 2002. ECIS in Timișoara will provide a unique opportunity to unite IS researchers in Europe, making it an inclusive conference that allows all academics from AIS Region 2 to participate. We believe that the participants will find the conference fee really likeable and we promise to deliver good value for the money. Timișoara’s aim is to connect and ultimately digitally unite academics and societies.

ISBN: 978-1-958200-02-5

Conference Co-Chairs
Roman Beck, Ph.D., IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Dana Petcu, Ph.D., Western University of Timisoara, Romania
Marin Fotache, Ph.D., AI. I. Cuza University of Iasi, Romania

Program Co-Chairs
Sabine Matook, Ph.D., University of Queensland, Australia
Remko Helms, Ph.D., Open University, Heerlen, the Netherlands
Martin Wiener, Ph.D., TU Dresden, Germany
Lazar Rusu, Ph.D., Stockholm University, Sweden
Tuure Tuunanen, Ph.D., University Jyvaskyla, Finland


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