Social Media facilitates a two-way channel between brands and customers, whereby value co-creation is enabled through customer engagement (CE) with brand value propositions. Brands proposition their values to their customers and this Marketer-Generated-Content (MGC) is propagated through social-media. The corresponding CE enables the creation of User-Generated-Content (UGC) in the form of likes, shares and comments (positive or negative). While there has been prior work on MGC/UGC, seldom has research investigated the nature of shallow vs. deep engagement for value propositions in social media. Shallow vs. deep engagement in social-media manifests in the form of likes/shares vs. comments for value propositions offered by brands. To address this gap, this paper uses a Twitter dataset of value propositions from Top-10 coffee brands comprising 658 tweets and 12077 customer responses. This work utilizes the 5-level categorization of Consumption-Value-Theory to categorize the 15 value dimensions in the tweets. Through statistical modelling this research shows that the nature of value propositions that attract shallow vs. deep engagement varies from brand-to-brand. Also, this work demonstrates that deep engagement is facilitated by complex interaction of variables over shallow engagement. These findings can help brand managers to identify and promote specific value propositions to meet their social-media objectives.