The Museum Application Domain is the most visible part of cultural heritage institutions. It gives mu-seum professionals the opportunity to deliver their insights towards a public audience. The demand for virtual accessibility and digital visibility is soaring because of both, the possibilities showcased by industry leaders and the appeal voiced by visitors. The unique preconditions, emphasized within small and medium sized museums, set an interdisciplinary and intriguing environment for practitioners and researchers alike. In particular, mobile apps already inspire research concerning a multitude of ques-tions targeting the user’s perspective. However, the situation of creators, concerning the development process, content strategy, and general feasibility are often overlooked. This paper suggests a frame-work to serve as an entry point for curators and other museum professionals towards structured digi-tal content. The question of how data visualization can aid the aforementioned issues has to be an-swered. This leads to the core concept of breaking down the complexity of structured data, sustaina-bility, and collaboration by utilizing the resulting end-user application as an anchor.