The massive growth in the amount of data that companies, organizations, and society have been compelled to deal with, reinforces the need for studies on subjects such as business intelligence, business intelligence and analytics, and big data. Although certain aspects of these themes are already established in research, there is still a lack of understanding and consensus on how to combine variables to encourage better use of data. In this study, we propose a comprehensive conceptualization of a new construct -- analytical competence (ACOMP) -- comprised of three dimensions grounded in the business intelligence and analytics literature and absorptive capacity theory. To properly develop the ACOMP scale, we followed a six-step procedure and collected data from 82 organizations. We validated a nomological model where the ACOMP scale was tested as an antecedent of organizational performance regarding making decisions and learning. The results of this study provide support for ACOMP as a valid and reliable scale that is useful for both academic and managerial purposes.