Self-service Business Intelligence (SSBI) is an upcoming trend that allows non-technical casual users to use BI in a self-reliant manner without the support of technical power users. Many organisations struggle to utilize the potential of SSBI and experience data-related and user-related SSBI implemen- tations challenges. This study aimed at exploring data-related SSBI challenges by conducting and analysing a total of 30 qualitative interviews with 5 BI consultants and 10 customer representatives involved in 2 SSBI implementation project teams. Analysis of the interviews revealed five challenges related to “Access and use of data” and four challenges related to “Data quality” that differ consid- erably from SSBI challenges commonly discussed in literature. Awareness of these challenges can help practitioners to avoid unnecessary obstacles when implementing and using SSBI. They can also guide SSBI researchers to simplify the implementation process of SSBI.