Microsoft’s HoloLens enables true augmented reality (AR) by placing virtual objects within the real world. This paper aims at presenting trades (based on ISIC) that can benefit from AR as well as possible use cases. Firstly, the authors conducted a systematic literature search to identi-fy relevant papers. Six databases (including EBSCOhost, ScienceDirect and SpringerLink) were scanned for the term “HoloLens”. Out of 680 results, two researchers identified 150 articles as thematically relevant. Secondly, these papers were analysed utilising qualitative content analy-sis. Findings reveal 26 trades where AR glasses are in use for practice or research purposes. The most frequent are human health, education and research. In addition, we provide a cata-logue of 7 main use cases, such as Process Guidance or Data Access and Visualisation as well as 27 sub use cases addressing corresponding functionalities in more detail. The results of this paper are trades and application scenarios for AR glasses. Thus, this article contributes to re-search in the field of service systems design, especially AR glasses-based service systems, and provide evidence for the future of digital work.