The potential created by ongoing developments in data and analytics permeates a multitude of research areas, such as the field of Service Innovation. In this paper, we conduct a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) to investigate the integration of data and analytics as an analytical unit into the field of Service Innovation – referred to as Data-Driven Service Innovation (DDSI). Overall, the SLR reveals three main research perspectives that span the research field of Data-Driven Service Innovation: Explorative DDSI, validative DDSI, and generative DDSI. This integrated theoretical framework describes the distinct operant roles of data analytics for Service Innovation, and thus contributes to the body of knowledge in the field of DDSI by providing three unified lenses, which researchers can use to describe and locate their existing and future research endeavors in this ample field. Building up on the insights from the SLR, a research agenda is proposed in order to trigger and guide further discussions and future research surrounding DDSI. Ultimately, this paper aims at contributing to the body of knowledge of Service Innovation in general and Data-Driven Service Innovation in particular by presenting a three-dimensional research space model structuring DDSI towards its advancement.