The use of mobile enterprise applications (MEAs) is becoming part of the computing landscape in organizations. To build a strong business case for a MEA project, justifying the financial investment, it is necessary to include realistic benefits to be derived from the use of MEAs. Also, it is equally important to include the possible risks to the benefits being realized so that mitigating actions can be put in place. Then the benefits need to be managed. Yet the benefits from MEAs are not clearly understood. Hence the purpose of this study was to describe the benefits from using MEAs and the impediments to the benefits realization. This was done by analysing qualitative data collected from stakeholders in 3 MEA projects in a single organization in the insurance industry. The practical contribution of the study includes a list of tangible and intangible benefits that can be used to build business cases for MEA projects. Also, the risks that organisations need to manage to realize the expected benefits are described. The academic contribution of this study is the addition to the body of knowledge regarding business cases for and benefits from MEAs. Keywords: Mobile enterprise applications, mobile apps, MEA benefits, risks to benefits, mobile business process