Due to new technological developments and the availability of affordable wearable devices like smartwatches, which recently hit the consumer market, employees in the corporate context can benefit from ubiquitous access to information. Especially in industrial production, there are complex and high involving workflows, which require the collaboration of multiple persons spread over different divisions. In such scenarios, fast and reliable communication is difficult and often disturbs work. Since smartwatches can be worn permanently on the body and the em-ployee has non-disruptive access to information without the use of hands, such devices offer big potential for seamless support and guidance within a service system. In this paper, we identify a representative problem composed of a quality assurance process with practical relevance and design and implement an information system based on smartwatches in a design science ap-proach. Since we infer meta-requirements for our system from the results of qualitative studies, the needs of employees are strongly considered and the developed software can be applied in a broad class of related problems. Finally, we evaluate the created meta-artifact in the identified scenario in order to obtain insights and knowledge about building information systems based on smartwatches for collaborative workflow support.