Social media sites are extending social structures from physical to virtual environments. The leading social media platforms use customized algorithms to improve their users experience online. The filter algorithms analyze is restricted to individuals online habits. Thus, ignoring more subjective personality traits. Moreover, social media technological features allow individuals to receive constant feedback loops that influence their self-concept and reflects on their identity construction while online. The understanding of how a dynamic Information Technology (IT) artifact — created and continuously modified by interpersonal relationships — influence individuals identity, demands a multidisciplinary approach. Based on a broad bibliographic review, this research-in-progress paper proposes a conceptual model encompassing the cognitive and motivational processes involved during the use of social media to investigate the influence of filter bubbles and echo chambers on Information Technology (IT) Identity construction. In the next phase of research, we intend — throughout a mix-methods approach — investigate empirically the relations presented in the conceptual model. Given the interconnected and embedded nature of social media in today’s world, we believe that findings from this research will be of interest to Information System(IS) researchers and practitioners engaged in the study of the relationship between social media and identity.