The paper presents an initial version of a framework that illustrates the high-level similarities across several common forms of design or action-oriented IS research, such as design science research (DSR) focused on developing meta-artefacts or artefact instances, action design research (ADR), or canonical action research (CAR). The paper further illustrates how these forms of design or action-oriented IS research emphasise different forms of knowledge utilisation and contribution potentials, the design of different solution entities, and pursue different paths towards achieving real-world impact. Researchers can utilise the framework to guide their choice of a research approach at the start of the project or become aware of yet untapped knowledge contribution potentials in their chosen one. Further research can expand the scope of the frameworks beyond DSR, ADR and CAR, or draw on the framework to investigate the potential of leveraging good research practices or research outcomes developed for/by one form of research for the other forms.