Across organizations, the integration of business processes and information is crucial for all involved parties. However, the lack of trust is often a roadblock. Researches show that supply chains have incurred challenges in information sharing and trust, while trust widely works in supply chain practices and deeply affects supply chain decisions. On the other hand, Blockchain as an emerging technology for decentralized and transactional data sharing across a network of untrusted participants has appeared to have many applications. The main purpose of this research is trying to increase trust among agricultural supply chain parties to guarantee the food quality, safety and sustainability from a supply chain management perspective, and the key issue is using a decentralized technology which is not dependent on the trust of a central authority or organization for the whole supply chain. Using Design Science Research method, this research is going to develop an artifact to explore the most important trust requirements and priorities at every stage of agricultural supply chain, required to implement a blockchain information system for real-time agricultural food traceability. Special emphasis has been placed on the roles of the incorporation of the IoT in Blockchain-based solutions.