Real-time Delphi is an information technology-enabled extension of the popular Delphi method. While Real-time Delphi is acknowledged to decrease study durations and panel-attrition by employing in- formation technology to engage participants in an asynchronous fashion, its broad adoption in the information systems community has yet to be seen. Given the growing wake of ubiquity of the conven- tional Delphi method in information systems and the technique’s lasting implementation uncertainties, now seems to be the right time to revisit Real-time Delphi to give way to calls of a better empirical foundation. This research reviews extant literature on Real-time Delphi and provides a synthesis of employed survey instrument designs and feedback mechanisms (two central aspects of Real-time Del- phi). It contributes to the methodological knowledge base of information systems research by serving as an implementation reference and foundation on which researchers can build to establish Real-time Delphi as a novel and promising addition to the information systems research methods repertoire.