The Green Prescription (GRx) is a health and wellbeing service that aims to manage the in-creasing obesity rates in the New Zealand population by providing free advice and support to at-risk patients. We evaluate the GRx service ecosystem using a qualitative approach and apply-ing a value co-creation framework. The resulting mapping allows us to identify new value co-creation opportunities and implications for practitioners. The research contributes a mapping of customer, supplier and encounter processes to a healthcare ecosystem and identifies existing and new value co-creation opportunities within the GRx ecosystem. We suggest that the GRx provider design a technological solution that allows the actors within the ecosystem to collabo-rate and create value. We also suggest that the service supplier could facilitate value co-creation by considering patients’ extrinsic motivators. The service supplier could improve the health-related intervention delivery by the use of Web 2.0 facilities, and enhance resource-sharing relationship experiences by making transparent a larger range of resources. Our study shows how the healthcare service provider may benefit from understanding active customer involvement in the relationship experience. We suggest that innovative research approaches such as the one applied may be useful when studying active customers and co-creation practices.