Following recent call for papers, our paper contributes to the agenda of inclusive development as it showcases how technology can be used to foster the integration of those in need. In particular, due to the distinct role of ICT in the current refugee situation in Europe where it contributes to the social inclusion of refugees. Based on a thorough literature review, we conducted a comprehensive research with qualitative and quantitative studies to investigate the role of online communication on the social inclusion of Syrian refugees in Germany. In particular, we investigate the relation between the intensity of Internet use and the sense of social connectedness of refugees, as well as the impact of social connectedness on refugee social inclusion. Analyzing ten interviews, we derive new insights about social inclusion of Syrian refugees in Germany. We use these insights to construct our hypotheses that are validated through 135 participations in our questionnaire. Our hypotheses capture the relation in Internet use and social connectedness, social connectedness with family and friends, and social connectedness with locals. We believe that our findings could contribute to a successful social inclusion process.



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