In order to enable continuous and fast software development, manufacturers adopt agile development methodologies. In respect thereof, the organisation’s operational processes need to be adapted to fit changing software project’s needs. By means of a case study with an automotive OEM that introduces microservices (MS) architectures, the transformation of its software readiness assessment (SRA) proce- dure is investigated. The article introduces an artefact that builds upon standardized technical and or- ganisational constructs inherent to MS projects. Further, by conceptually modelling a methodology is presented that guides an organisation in the transformation to implement agile SRA within its current operational infrastructure. The artefact is validated by means of three MS projects and respectively adapted. The findings suggest the artefact to be a useful intermediary step, but its successful implemen- tation requires the integration of all contributing departments. The study deepens the knowledge about the transformation of an organisation’s operational procedures by an empirical case and possible meth- odological paths.



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