While many studies have addressed encouraging employees’ pro-environmental behaviour (PEB) in the workplace, the roles of structures and institutions have received little attention and thus re-main unclear. We draw on the concept of affordances as being enacted and embedded in institu-tional logics, which provide a frame of reference for individual and organisational behaviours. Given our emphasis on organisational sustainability transformations, we explain how organisa-tions can encourage their employees to act pro-environmentally in the workplace with the help of green information systems (Green IS). We address technological, organisational, and human fac-tors that strengthen PEB. Thus, we respond to the call to bring together institutional logics and affordance theory. We present preliminary findings of 55 semi structured interviews with inform-ants from 20 companies, along with internal and external documents. This allows us to develop a pro-environmental corporate logic, which guides employees’ PEB in our case companies. These preliminary findings allow us to develop a research agenda on the interplay of this institutional logic and motivational affordances. We conclude with an outlook on how to tackle the emerging research questions.