Digital transformations are essential for organisations to stay competitive in modern economy. A digital transformation demands the business and IT departments of an organisation to be aligned and have a shared vision on the organisation’s future. To aid the generation of a shared vision as a basis for digital transformation, we propose the Operating Model Canvas (OMC) Approach. Its result is the OMC, a model that visualises the organisation’s value propositions, primary and supporting business activities, channels, and actors. We have performed a retrospective case study to codify the process and deliverables of the OMC Approach, to define its scientific fundamentals, and demonstrate its results. We found that the OMC provides a shared language for business and IT departments and subsequently generates them a shared vision. The key elements for generating a shared vision during the approach are the usage of existing client documentation and the active client participation throughout the entire process. We think the OMC can therefore be a solid starting point for a digital transformation project. The scientific contribution of this paper is to add to the theory of digital transformation design by codifying the OMC Approach.