This paper presents a thought experiment related to enterprise modelling (EM). Leaders in the EM community called for “Enterprise Modelling for the Masses” in a position paper at PoEM 2016, the Ninth IFIP 8.1 Working Conference on the Practice of Enterprise Modelling. A revised version appeared in BISE in 2018. The position paper’s vision builds on ambitious assumptions about combining disparate model-related artifacts. That approach articulates interesting research challenges but may prove impractical. This paper presents a different approach to EM for the masses. It shows how an extension of work system theory (WST) and the work system method (WSM) might be used for EM. As research in progress toward a proof of concept paper, it starts by showing how ideas in a metamodel that extends WST provides a potential basis for EM. It outlines a thought experiment in which EM issues in a hypothetical corporate reengineering effort are represented using a modelling language based on a greatly reduced version of the metamodel. The next step is to test variants on the modelling language on other hypothetical examples, and then test whether it is helpful in understanding a real enterprise that is being changed or created.