The concept of IT risk management (IT-RM) success is an important topic in IS research due to high levels of uncertainty and threats, which negatively influence the performance of IT projects. In this paper we develop an IT-RM success model based on Hofstede et al.’s (1990) framework involving five dimensions of culture. Each cultural dimension is described in terms of how it relates to the concept of knowledge sharing (KS) among organisation members and the successful implementation of IT-RM. Our contribution is to illustrate the utility of Hofstede et al.’s (1990) framework by linking the five general cultural dimensions into an organisation’s KS to propose a model of successful IT-RM implementation. Specifically, the aim of this study is to explore the roles of potential and realised KS cultures in IT-RM success. By doing so we present a necessary step in developing the concept of KS culture and moving towards a more comprehensive framework based on systemic empirical research.