As modern cars have transformed to computers on wheels, digitalization is an important driver of ser-vice and business innovation within the automotive domain. As a new class of information systems (IS), vehicle information systems (Vehicle IS) are enabled through the data generated by a plethora of different sensors within modern vehicles, meshed up with data from a variety of different other sources. Expecting the awareness on and the needs for Vehicle IS to steadily increase in the future - as a result of the continuing provision of driver assistance systems towards fully automation - we investigate existing literature on Vehicle IS published by the academic IS community. To get an overview on topics discussed so far as well as publication activity in general, we use the AIS Electronic Library as an indicator. We then provide a definition of the term ‘vehicle information system’ and give an overview of relevant research directions with a set of example research questions, which we deem important for the academic IS community to advance the state-of-the-art in designing Vehicle IS.