Despite the increasing diffusion of agile software development methodologies (ASDM) in firms, aca-demic studies in this field – though rising in number – are largely missing out on the implications for the individual software developer. The application of agile methodologies in software development projects has significant impact on the individual developer’s way of working. While some empirical research evaluated the advantages of ASDM for individuals, potential negative consequences for de-velopers, who have to cope with multiple draining demands in their daily work, remains largely unex-plored. Using resource depletion theory as a lens, we develop a research model to examine how the use of ASDM potentially decreases individual job satisfaction and increases turnover intention. We suggest that the effect is mediated by developers’ level of depletion expressed by psychological strain. In addition, we aim to determine who is more or less affected by depletion in an agile context intro-ducing the capacity for self-control as a moderator. To test our model, we plan to conduct a cross-sectional field survey among software developers working in agile teams. Drawing attention to under-represented negative implications on an individual level, we want to contribute to a more balanced picture of ASDM use in theory and practice.