Enterprise Social Media (ESM) represents a burgeoning area of research; yet, the majority of studies on ESM have focused on the adoption and use of these systems in large enterprises, with limited knowledge about the use of ESM systems in small enterprises, particularly start-ups. The challenges faced by start-up businesses are sufficiently different from those faced by large companies, therefore limiting the generalizability of findings about ESM adoption and use in large companies to the startup context. In this paper, we use a qualitative case study approach to explore the benefits and challenges associated with the implementation and use of Slack in a Taiwanese mobile application start-up company. Moving beyond offering mere rich descriptions of the organizational impacts associated with ESM implementation for start-up companies, we also use the findings of this study to propose a set of technological modifications that may make ESM systems more suitable for the types of workplace interactions required in small enterprise settings. Thus beyond implications for research and practice, this paper concludes with a set of design implications that could guide ESM developers in building systems for the start-up market.

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