The world is facing very complex and long-term challenges that require sophisticated and integrated responses in a context of globalization, strong interdependency, pressure on resources, ageing. Simultaneously, the creation and sharing of information and knowledge is growing at a fast pace. The increasing pace of technological innovation and qualification of human resources brings with it the hope that the economic and social changes necessary to the well being of the world population may occur in an effective way.

The Information Systems and Technologies have the potential to enhance the collective intelligence necessary to support a smart, sustainable and inclusive world. They can:

  1. improve the use of scarce resources;
  2. engage citizens in the participative and self-organized processes required to improve regions’ resilience and well-being;
  3. enable innovative ways to do business;
  4. support the effective use of huge amounts of information in private and public decision making;
  5. extend the human capabilities (physical and cognitive) among many other applications with a strong potential to contribute to effectively address the global challenges ahead.

ECIS 2017 took place in the historical city of Guimarães in Portugal to discuss the fundamental issues related to the role information systems research and education can play in creating a smart, sustainable and inclusive world.

This proceedings span 162 Complete Research Papers, 71 Research in Progress Papers and 5 Panels. The submissions were distributed among 32 Tracks.

Your Chairs were happy to welcome you to the ECIS 2017 in Guimarães, hosted by the University of Minho (! With friends and colleagues from all over the world, the committee was a truly international team, eager to provide an exciting and fruitful conference!

The ISBN for the Proceedings is: 978-989-207655

Isabel Ramos,
University of Minho,

Virpi Tuunainen,
Aalto University

Helmut Krcmar,
Technical University of Munich

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