Additive Manufacturing differs in some characteristics from conventional manufacturing techniques. The core of additive techniques is a manufacturing process building up parts layer by layer. Further-more, it is possible to include functionality into monolithic parts, which are built up within one pro-cess without the need of assembly. The research objective of this paper is the identification of re-quirements that are induced by Additive Manufacturing, for Information Systems in the product devel-opment and the production phase. This interdisciplinary research field is less considered by Infor-mation Systems researchers yet. Therefore, an explorative quantitative study, based on assumptions, is chosen as an adequate research method to reach that objective. As a result, a conceptual approach for an improved exchange of product data is presented. This concept mainly addresses the request of en-terprises to satisfy the information demand in different industrial business processes. The following main requirements could be identified: improvement of Information Systems for customer participa-tion in industrial Additive Manufacturing fields; determination of all product defining data into Addi-tive Manufacturing product development phase; standardized, bidirectional data exchange between production and product development in context of Additive Manufacturing enterprises.