Business process management (BPM) is a corporate capability that strives for efficient and effective work. As a matter of fact, work is rapidly changing due to technological, economic, and demographic developments. New digital affordances, work attitudes, and collaboration models are revolutionizing how work is performed. These changes are referred to as the future of work. Despite the obvious con-nection between the future of work and BPM, neither current initiatives on the future of BPM nor exist-ing BPM capability frameworks account for the characteristics of the future of work. Hence, there is a need for evolving BPM as a corporate capability in light of the future of work. As a first step to triggering a community-wide discussion, we compiled propositions that capture constitutive characteristics of the future of work. We then let a panel of BPM experts map these propositions to the six factors of Rosemann and vom Brocke’s BPM capability framework, which captures how BPM is conceptualized today. On this foundation, we discussed how BPM should evolve in light of the future of work and distilled over-arching topics which we think will reshape BPM as a corporate capability.