Several countries develop strategies and policies to foster the use of eHealth services and stress the importance of business models to develop and implement digital services. Previous research on busi-ness models has however mostly focused on the private setting or a healthcare setting with multi-payer or market-based financial systems. In this paper, we explore the use of business models in eHealth as well as the consistency of such a model in a public healthcare setting. The study is performed through a case study of an eHealth service and to which we apply a business model framework. Data have been collected through interviews, documents and project meetings. The results show that all parts of the business model could be identified and provide an overview of the service but no clear guidance on how to reach a sustainable value in the future. It seems that, in the case of public healthcare, there is a need to add the notion of a societal value as well as issues related to future governance for the diffusion of the service to make the business model and the service sustainable.