Reflective approaches in the context of Persuasive Systems Design (PSD) research are mainly concerned with reflection in the process of research and design and pay no explicit attention to the issue of how to communicate the research results of such a reflective form of research. On the other hand, Design Research (DR) literature in Information Systems provides several methodological guidelines for communicating DR knowledge, which are in principle applicable in a variety of fields, including PSD research. However, some DR methodologies explicitly value reflection in a research process, yet rarely consider DR communication, whereas others include communication as an activity without paying explicit attention to the communication of values and related design rationale. This paper provides a Reflect-and-Communicate schema for guiding DR communication and demonstrates its applicability by applying it to a published PSD research article. This paper contributes to the literature on the communication of DR knowledge in general and of value sensitive PSD research results in particular (including work in progress on design knowledge), by complementing and enriching the existing communication schemes with more speific concepts dealing with values, goals and actions. In addition, it adds a level of reflexivity in DR by allowing researchers to link reflections in a DR process with reflections in a DR communication process.