Enterprises exist in the context of their dynamically changing environment, which has a strong impact on service design and delivery. Within areas such as ambient intelligence or robotics, most relevant context has a physical nature. However, the context of an enterprise requires a different conceptual-ization of context awareness. Beyond physical context, enterprises need to be aware of their market, legal and social context. Moreover, in order to monitor context and configure services systematically, we need a context modelling method that is integrated within enterprise modelling and supports in-formation and communication technology (ICT) engineering and runtime. The work in this paper has been performed as part of developing Capability Driven Development (CDD), a new paradigm for ICT design where services are customised on the basis of the essential business capabilities and deliv-ery is adjusted according to the current context. The contributions of the paper are (i) the investiga-tion of industrial needs for context modelling, (ii) eCoM, a context modelling method for enterprise ICT addressing such needs, iii) application of the method in an industrial use case and (iv) the evolu-tion of eCoM based on various evaluation cycles by means of Framework for Evaluation in Design Science Research (FEDS).