The phenomenon of advice discounting in advice taking and the lack of motivational force in advice giving often hamper follow-up actions which are important to satisfy both advice seekers’ and advi-sors’ demands. This paper strives to diminish the well-known problem of advice discounting by invest-ing in a design study and creating a new information system supporting advisors. The prototype is mobile and provides multimedia interventions. These enable the advisors to activate advice takers on an emotional level with wow-factor episodes which strengthen advisors’ arguments. This study is af-fected by and evaluated in the practical field of home security advice. The evaluation points to the conclusion that the motivation to utilize given advice is higher in the IS-supported advisory service compared to the conventional approach of plain speech-based advice giving. The paper contributes general design implications facing advice discounting in mobile and collaborative advisory services. Furthermore, it supports home security provider in designing their mobile service encounter to in-crease the advice implementation.