Over the last decades, information systems (IS) have become pervasive in and inextricably intertwined with organizations. Further, the dialectical interaction between IS and organizations is perceived as one of the major stimuli of organizational strategic moves and transformation. Notwithstanding a plethora of IS artifact-centric discussions in the extant literature, there is a need for an overarching conceptualization that goes beyond specific IS artifacts and simultaneously accounts for a fusion between IS and organizations, which we denominated as enterprise-wide IS initiatives. To afford a paradigm shift towards an enterprise-wide investigation of such a phenomenon, this study opts for a stakeholder perspective and proposes complementary theoretical lenses to conceive the given phenomenon as a stakeholder management endeavor. To assist analyses of this phenomenon, this study also sheds light on the necessity of its investigation in multiple levels of analysis and in different periods of time. This phenomenon is hence further characterized as an emergent, ongoing endeavor. Building on both stakeholder management and emergent analyses, this study proposes a theoretical foundation to guide prospective theorizations on enterprise-wide IS initiatives and discusses its implications.