Software development organizations increasingly adopt agile software development (ASD) in order to react to manifold challenges and respond to increasing user expectations. User involvement is men-tioned as the most important success factor in software development projects. However, little is known about the right intensity of user involvement for development teams. The paper investigates the mod-erating effect of different dimensions of user involvement intensity are investigated, i.e. types, practic-es and continuity. While prior research in ASD focuses on the project or method, this paper adopts a team-theoretical view towards agility. In addition, the effect of user involvement on the relationship between team agility on team performance is investigated. A model for team agility and its empirical survey-based investigation is proposed. The expected results extend the nomological net of team re-search in IS and help scholars to extend ASD theory. Practitioners benefit by identifying the right in-tensity of user involvement for their development team.