Industry 4.0 stands for the 4th Industrial revolution and the new paradigm of autonomous and de¬centralized control in production. Products and production systems are enhanced to Cyber Physical Systems which have the capability to communicate with each other, to build ad-hoc networks and for self-control and self-optimization. From the IT-perspective this involves a new level of networking, data integration and data processing in production. Established technologies like Internet of Things, Cloud or Big Data are propagated solution-components of Industry 4.0. So far, there is no founded elaboration of IT-requirements and no differentiated discussion on how solution-components fulfil these requirements. This research uses the method of content analysis to extract requirements of Industry 4.0 from current research publications. Objective of analysis is a structured compilation of requirements regarding data processing. The resulting category scheme enables further development of solution-components in the application domain of Industry 4.0. Furthermore, this paper shows how the requirements can be matched to the capabilities of Big Data software solutions. As a result, two general use cases for Big Data applications in Industry 4.0 were identified and characterized. \