The Internet and social media are transforming sports marketing. Historically television broadcasting was the main source of revenue for elite sports teams, leagues and sports federations. This is now changing because the Internet creates new possibilities for the distribution and consumption of sporting events. Social media is creating new forms of communication between fans, athletes, teams and sponsors. Mobile technology is also changing the way that fans consume sports content generally and also at live events. These changes create many strategic challenges and opportunities. This case study presents several frameworks and ideas, in particular the sports ecosystem model, event-driven marketing, star marketing and international differences in sports viewing for specific sports. These concepts are illustrated using sports marketing data from ComScore, individual sports organisations and personal research. A framework for the development of a social media strategy is proposed that can be used to evaluate the current position of a sports organisation and also to facilitate the development of a social media strategy. A series of questions is posed to structure the discussion of the strategic and technology issues facing the commercial director of a major sports team. \ \ Keywords: Sports marketing, social media, Internet strategy \