Open data services have emerged as a research field. One important area of investigation within this field is exploration into how sustainable open data markets are created. Contests have become a popular method to propel and catalyse open data service development providing services to such markets. Recent research has identified numerous innovation barriers hampering development adjacent to the contest in developers’ effort to transform contest contributions to viable digital services based on open data. Little is however known about what innovation barriers over time constrain the post-contest process to transform initial innovations to finalized open data services ready for market entry. This paper presents a longitudinal survey of innovation barriers constraining teams performing open data service development after an innovation contest. The survey provides insights into 1) 24 innovation barriers constraining development, 2) a comparison of barrier importance based on team progress, and 3) a conceptualisation of phases structuring the process from contests to market entry, stipulating different innovation barriers impact open data service development. The results contribute to the understanding of how sustainable open data markets emerge and serve as a starting point for investigating how different stakeholders can manage innovation barriers constraining open data service development.