Some process algebras were applied to enterprise business modelling for formal specification and verification. However the algebras mostly dealt with stationary cases but the distributed and mobile. π-calculus and mobile ambient can be considered for the distributed and mobile, especially to represent the movements of distributed real-time business processes. However there are some limitations to model the movements: 1) π-calculus passes the name of port for indirect movements, and 2) mobile ambient uses ambient to synchronize asynchronous movements forcefully. As a solution to the limitations, this paper presents new process algebra, called δ-calculus, to specify direct and synchronous movements of business processes over geo-temporal business space, where a process can be nested in another process, and whose configuration is changed by the movements. Any violation of safety or security of the systems caused by the movements can be detected and prevented by the properties of the movements: synchrony, priority and deadline. It means that any movement must get the proper permission with the required priority in time. In the enterprise modelling, it will be critical to adapt this kind of concept for business safety and security. A tool, called SAVE, was developed on ADOxx meta-modelling platform to demonstrate the concept.