Since the ongoing proliferation of information technology (IT) in our private and professional lives, researchers have been concerned with the conceptualization and measurement of the “value” that technology brings us. To this end, researchers have based their assumptions and theories on the technological achievements and perceptions of technology at that time. Ever since the introduction of smart phones, broadband Internet, and social networks, much has changed in the way we perceive and appropriate IT value. In order to identify possible white spots for future research, we present a systematic literature review of the past 10 years of research in this area. In doing so, we develop a taxonomy for analyzing the IT value literature. The results of our analysis indicate that the majority of current work focuses on ex post measurement of the monetary value of IT for businesses. Only a few articles were found that employed an alternative lens in defining IT value. With the blurring boundaries between private and professional life, these approaches become increasingly more important. We discuss the general implications of our findings with a view to possible new themes for the next years of research.