This paper reports on an analysis of the change caused by an e-textbook implementation in a school in South Africa. The PSIC model, a change model from ICT enabled change in organisations, was considered because it affirms existing educational research, but also extends it by recognising the episodic nature of change. On a vertical level the model allowed the researchers to identify and distinguish between the factors and events influencing change in the organisation on four different levels. On a horizontal level, the model makes the disequilibrium between the socio-technical system components visible as they happen over time. Data was collected during an interpretive case study and analysed using the PSIC model. It is found that, despite the preparatory events leading to the full roll out, as well as the positive affordances of the new technology, the equilibrium of the socio-technical components of the work system was severely disrupted. The technology infrastructure did not support the e-textbook systems and more than one system was implemented which caused confusion. Teachers’ experienced that support for teachers and learners was not sufficient and that the e-textbooks did not support the learning and teaching task. Consequently, the researchers suggested some interventions of which some have already been implemented.